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At The Forefront With Dr. Deb

 At the Forefront highlights the work and experiences of people at the forefront of the health equity revolution, including researchers, practitioners, community members, activists, youth leaders, and political leaders.    

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"The Lion’s Side"


 David Olawuyi Fakunle, Ph.D. is a self-described “mercenary for change,” willing to employ any talent and occupy any space in the effort to elevate people of African descent and anyone who feels divested from their truest self. 

"Boys and Men of Color"


On this episode of ‘At the Forefront’ Dr. Wizdom Powell and I discuss health equity among boys and men of color, including roots causes and where we need to be headed.

"The Skin You're In"


African Americans live sicker and die younger than any other ethnic group in the nation. Why is this happening? THE SKIN YOU'RE IN is a feature documentary, website and book about the astonishing African-American health disparity - why it exists and what can be done about it. On this episode, we talk to the film’s creator, Dr. Thomas LaVeist.

"Stroke Ready"


African American adults have the highest stroke prevalence and suffer the most post-stroke disability of any racial/ethnic group. The Stroke Ready Project offers practical solutions to turn this around.

Speeches by Dr. Debra Furr-Holden

Unapologetically Me

Speech given at the MSU Student National Medical Association Annual Banquet on February 3, 2018 

Sex, Lies and the Ugly Truth

Opening Plenary Speech Given at The Sex, Lies and Ugly Truth (SLUT) Conference in Baltimore, MD on March 4, 2012